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Dear Lottery Fan:

Hi! My name is Jennifer Galloway, and I have created the easiest, simplest no number crunching way for you to potentially hit "nice" daily jackpots in any Pick-3 lottery game, due to a "consistent" number selection system I discovered on my home computer. The system has financially changed my life for the better!

After years of spending thousands of dollars on systems myself, I finally found a sound method that changed what I used to do! No more RANDOM NUMBER selection! Now, I know exactly what numbers I want to play.

This method didn't just fall into my lap! I didn't miraculously stumble onto a "hidden secret". I simply decided that there had to be a way to consistently select my own superior numbers.I knew that some Pick-3 games could pay over $300 dollars – twice a day. I was determined to find a legal way to take home a nice percentage of jackpot cash each week.

It took hours of research and many revisions to compile what I call the "Delta-Diamond" Formula. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Money was virtually no longer a problem for me. The knowledge that any time money was needed, just a quick trip to the store could take care of it, gives you a freedom that can't be matched!

Finally! It wasn't just my imagination – "consistent" number selection became a reality! I didn't know how easy it would be to use when I was compiling and revising the "Delta-Diamond" Formula. It almost seems a crime. At first, I thought that to find the "proper" method, it would have to be complicated and time consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sound principles are all you need to work with, and that is what I have achieved! The time and money invested have paid off BIG!! So big, I've never been so proud and happy!

At last, I am offering a select few people the chance to turn their jackpot dreams into reality with my new "Delta-Diamond" Formula. Now, something that was never done like this, is something that has never been easier! …picking "consistent" FIXED numbers to play in any Pick-3 game!

Best of Luck and Enjoy Your Jackpot Winnings,

P.S. I just wanted you to know that this is NOT a number-crunching system whatsoever, and has nothing to do with "watching" long number histories.

P.P.S. This is also NOT some Random-Selection Method for picking numbers – my "Delta-Diamond Formula" is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Before!" Plus, to make it super-easy I am now offering you the PC Software as well!

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"This is NOT A Number-Crunching System… and Has NOTHING to do with "Watching" Number Histories!"

"Here is an example of how you will be using the
Powerful "Delta-Diamond" Patterns …"

You always move Clockwise to find your next selection.

(Sample of Actual Delta-Diamond Pattern.)

"Now, Do You See How Easy It Is To Make Your Simple Number Selections? And, the best part is, you can easily do this twice a day – for Midday and Evening games!"

"…this is NOT A Random-Selection Method for Picking Numbers…
My "Delta-Diamond Formula" is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Before…"

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"I Designed This Remarkable New System to Beat Any State Pick-3 Game… simply by taking advantage of my Unique, New Delta-Diamond Selection Patterns."

You Know That the "Right Numbers" Will Make You A Winner In Any Game. But How Do You Find Them? How Do You Avoid Picking Losers? The Important Fact Here is that my "Delta-Diamond Selection Pattern" was Engineered To Go Far Beyond That - I'll Give You The Precise Diamond Selection Patterns to Ensure That You Always Pick the Correct Numbers.



*** Important Questions & Answers About My System ***

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"How Much Can You Win ?"

The truth is, with my new "Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System," the possibilities are endless! Imagine being able to "arrange" your wagers in such a fashion as to have consistent "fixed" numbers to play based on your mid-day and/or evening results. You no longer need to pick at hopeless numbers with little chance of winning. After all, thousands of dollars in winnings have already been reported by users of the "Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System".

Now, it is your turn to become part of a small circle of elite lottery players who use my "Delta-Diamond Formula" on their Pick-3 mid-day and evening games. It takes only minutes to apply. AND, to make it even easier for you – we now offer the PC software as well!

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"This is not simply "playing" the lottery… like you've done before… and it's definitely not picking random numbers only wishing to hit a occasional "pie-in-the-sky" jackpot …"

Please Listen Closely. I want you to do me just one favor - keep an open mind for the most FANTASTIC profits imaginable – after all, lottery jackpots are paid daily – often twice daily! This is not like anything you've ever seen… I just can't emphasize that enough!!

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By now you've seen the winning potential of the "Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System"! You've seen the proof of how incredibly profitable it can be. You've heard what others have had to say! Now it is time for you to become part of a small circle of elite lottery players who will use the "Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System" to potentially win thousands of dollars over the next few weeks. You must be a part of this group…

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